A downloadable game for Windows

Enter the annual Redneck Ranch Rumble Competition and be the one to throw the most animals into the truck.
Throw animals, Punch your friends and Roll your way to victory !

The game was made as 2nd year project at ETPA game design school.

Made by :

- Esther Barcelo

- Damien Gonzalez

Redneck Ranch Rumble is a very non serious party game aimed

 at kids and adults alike.
As it stands, it is a student game, it only has one game mode, is limited to two players and still lacks polish.
Our current goals are :
- Rework the gameplay, improve current features and add some more
- Allow for more than two players
- Rework the graphics
- Publish it on several platforms

Install instructions

Extract the folder from the archive  and launch [RedneckRanchRumble_1.0.exe]

Options are in the file [S3DClient.cfg]


RedneckRanchRumble 40 MB

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